Digital X-Rays

Family Physicians of Spartanburg provides our patients immediate access if required by their provider X-ray capability on-site at our office location.  Our digital X-ray services are performed by a board certified X-ray Radiologist and provide immediate answers to broken bones, sprains, fractures and many illnesses such as chest pain and persistent coughing.  Offering an on-site digital X-ray service to our patients allows our team of physicians to quickly diagnose injuries and illnesses and assist in identifying and developing the best personalized treatment plan.

We Use Digital X-rays to Diagnose Illness & Injuries


  • Evaluate heart, lungs and chest wall
  • Diagnose symptoms; shortness of breath and persistent coughing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Identify kidney stones


  • Identify debris and issues in the body resulting from accidents, injuries, medical procedures, swallowed items
  • Identify breaks, fractures, separations and dislocations
  • Monitor healing progress of fractures and breaks

If you are injured or suffering from an illness, please contact our team today and let us assist with you and your family’s health and wellness.

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