Family Physicians of Spartanburg ultrasound services, certified by the American College of Radiology, are used in assessing, diagnosing, screening and determining medical disorders, treatment options and medical procedure for patients in our office facility. Ultrasound visualization is utilized to diagnose disease and assess structures, such as abdomen, aorta, renal stones (kidney stones), gallbladder, thyroid and soft tissue and many other health related issues.

Ultrasounds Screen & Diagnose

It is not uncommon during an office visit that a physician determines the need for an ultrasound to produce an image of the heart at work to analyze the possible presence of a disease that may be inhibiting the heart from operating efficiently or the cause of abdominal pain. In the medical community, many lives have been saved by vascular ultrasound techniques exposing blood clots or tumors at the point of care.

Other types of Ultrasound we perform:

We are fortunate to have this capability and expertise to help diagnose disease and potentially prolong life. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience and the same physicians who read for the local hospitals also read our studies.

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